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Jit Industries  is one of the world’s leading manufacturer & suppliers of hydraulic cylinders.Since its inception, has built a strong customer base through its specialization in design and manufacture of Hydraulic Jacks, Cylinders & its accessories for Agricultural, industrial, Construction machinery industry, the automobile industry, and in engineering applications as well as in logistics and material handling etc.

The main objective of the company is to serve the industries with high quality, performance, reliable and resilient. Jit Industries stands out with its individual designs, its consistently superior global quality and its high-capacity production facilities

JIT INDUSTRIES, is a hydraulic Jack & hydraulic cylinder  manufacturing company. We have been in this industry for over more than 3 decades, and our engineers and skilled worker have over 10 years of combined experience. We are different from other companies in that we handle each export order needs individually. Depending on the size of your orders, the type of hydraulic products you want, whether you want an hydraulic solution for agriculture implements, special purpose hydraulic cylinder or cylinder for use in industrial solution, We manufacture  the best products to fit your needs in every aspects.

JIT INDUSTRIES believes in the saying “the customer is always right”, and we work with that ideology on both ends. You, as our customer, are always right, and your customers are as well. With that, we manufacturer the product that is best for both you and your customers. Our aim of developing and maintaining long-term relationships with our customers means that you can rely on our comprehensive technical expertise and top quality innovative products.

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We will continue to build on our momentum in this important area of the world…through improved communication of our product quality, brand relevance and commitment of good quality products to our customers​


 I’m responsible for this company. I stand behind the results. I know the details, and I think that We Have to be the moral leader of the company, … I think high standards are good, but let’s not confuse anybody , it’s about performance with integrity. That’s what you have to do.


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